Buying Property Adelaide - You need an Adelaide Conveyancer

So you have decided to buy property in Adelaide or other areas in South Australia. We deal with property all over the state. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAS CHANGED

THE SHORT ANSWER – is a whole lot really! Whether you are a first home buyer seasoned buyer or interstate internet jockey just checking out the local scene, there are some thing you need to know.

Real Estate Agents will present your offer on a Contract form produced by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) for its members. Do not believe that all contracts are the same!

This contract form now contains many changes that have been inserted that have an effect on person buying property.

There are clauses about;

1. GST – withholding tax payable at settlement

2. Properties over $750,000 require an application by vendors for foreign resident withholding tax clearance certificate

3. Foreign buyers surcharge for Stamp Duty may apply


1. The digital age of registration means no book paper titles but still retain the volume and folio as its unique identifier, E-Conveyancing is available for additional costs.

2. No more duplicate titles

3. Paper settlements still current but are transitioning to paperless settlements which will be mostly data entered by your Conveyancer

4. Verification of Identity (VOI) – you must present yourself to an identifier agent (either conveyancer, Australia Post or ZIP ID)

FAMILY TRANSFERS – An Adelaide Conveyancer with over 20 years experience

These can be anything from family transfers eg. father to daughter, brother to sister or any change of ownership due to a change in relationships either due to or a breakdown of relationships.

Stamp Duty has an impact on these type of transfers, spousal transfers will be single out for Stamp Duty exemptions or provided it is the family home or detailed in a court order.


Due to changes relating to zoning opportunities, many developments (many off plan) are being created along major routes where infrastructure is already in place, this has spawned an apartment boom.


You will need to understand how they work. Similar to old Strata Titles but with more flexibility due to ;

a) Mixing of residential and commercial zones

b) By-laws controlling issues such as insurance and common areas


Many transactions do not need the services of Real Estate sales-people due to no marketing being required eg. Sometime a friend or family member wants to buy the property and the owner wants to sell then we provide the template and tools to complete a Private Contract. We attend to necessary regulations and prepare the Contract and Form 1 and then take it to settlement


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