Conveyancing Information

For every transfer your Registered Conveyancer will:

  • Offer independent advice on your Contract and Form 1 when prepared by an agent.    
  • Check that there are no outstanding charges and advise you in relation to encumbrances or easements.    
  • Calculate the amount of the rates and taxes payable by you.    
  • Prepare a settlement statement showing the net amount that you will pay or receive.    
  • Prepare the documents to transfer the property.    
  • Co-ordinate and attend settlement on your behalf.    
  • Notify SA Water, the Council and any Strata/Community Corporation of the change of ownership.    
  • Attend to various other tasks related to your transaction.

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Plus when Selling

  • Arrange for the discharge of any mortgage and collect your title from your bank.    
  • Deposit the proceeds of sale in your bank account or post them to you by registered mail.    
  • Liaise with the agent and obtain the details of the commission and other fees.    
  • Pay any outstanding amounts to the Council, SA Water, Land Tax, Emergency Service Levy, Strata/Community Levy, etc.

How do I engage a conveyancer?

Essentially the conveyancer needs to have a quick chat and guesstimate how many hours of work is involved - which is good for consumer because in most cases you can an idea of cost.

The quote is broken down into three main areas: 1. Conveyancing fee - which is negotiable 2. GST - based on above fee (10%) 3. Searches - which can vary from job to job

What other considerations should I weigh up, besides price?

- Experience in the industry
- Professional cover and membership of AAIC - (our professional body - where complaints can be lodged)
- Potential for conflicts of interest 

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