How Much Does A Conveyancer Cost?

Is Conveyancing costs expensive?

Pricing will depend on the set of circumstances about the property in question.

Conveyancer fees will take into account their experience, location, reputation and the all-important peace of mind that the sale will go through swiftly and smoothly.

It is also necessary to understand any and all the conveyancer costs that will be incurred throughout the process to avoid any surprises.

What conveyancing fees based on?

Your conveyancing fees for a property sale or purchase will usually be calculated with reference to: The price of the property. Whether the property is freehold or leasehold. Whether you are buying or selling with a mortgage.

 What our Clients say about Dial A Conveyancers services and fees. 

I've used Dial a Conveyancer on at least 4 occasions when buying and selling Adelaide residential real estate, over approximately a 14 year period.

Neville and his team are very experienced and provide exceptional service. For my first purchase, Neville took plenty of time to sit with me and go over important details relevant to my situation and what I was buying - I definitely went into the sale with my eyes opened thanks to Neville's advice. On a couple of occasions, Neville's team have assisted me in achieving settlement extremely fast - within 3-4 weeks.

I'm dealing with them right now on a purchase, and once again I've been delighted with the professional approach and how the settlement process has been made seamless and simple. And very, very fast.

Neville also helped me with a sale transaction once where he drew up the sale contract (I managed to sell without an agent) and provided conveyancing for me as seller as well as the buyer - seamless.

I've mentioned Neville's name to various real estate agents who have asked who my conveyancer is and most agents know who he is, and those who do know him express confidence in his abilities.

The best part about Neville's service is the price. It's absolutely reasonable - most banks and brokers will tell you to factor in around $600-$800 for conveyancing - last time I worked with Neville it was less than $400. That was a while ago - I'm not sure how much it is today.

Definitely recommend Neville Lea Dial a Conveyancer to anyone buying or selling real estate in Adelaide. 
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What does a Conveyancer charge for?

We charge for our service and also the cost of disbursements, i.e., costs incurred by a professional on your behalf. These payments will vary and may include:

• Title searches
• Planning searches
• Council searches and certificates
• Water rate searches
• Roads and land tax searches
• Settlement fee
• Land tax clearance certificate
• Postage, stationery, and other administrative costs

Is a Conveyancer cheaper than a Solictor?

Conveyancers are cheaper.  Conveyancers specialise and provide advice directly related to conveyancing.

Solicitors are usually more expensive than conveyancers as they are qualified lawyers, so they can offer a wide range of legal services.

 South Australian Conveyancing Breakdown of Costs and Laws

Conveyancing is regulated by state laws, and the process differs for each state or territory. Fees such as stamp duty and transfer fees also vary by state. However, these are only payable by the buyer. Sellers may have to pay Capital Gains Tax depending on whether it is an investment property and must be careful around new ATO foreign resident capital gains laws.
South Australia (Adelaide and surrounds)
It is the job of the seller’s solicitor or conveyancer to prepare the necessary contracts.
The deposit is usually around 10% of the sale price while for larger properties, the deposit is usually less than 10% of the sale price.
The seller must provide a Form 1 Seller’s Statement to the purchaser at least ten days before the settlement (unless sold at auction where the number of days is reduced to two).
In South Australia, the cooling off period is two business days, unless it is waived by the purchaser. It does not start until the buyer gets served the Form 1 Seller’s Statement or exchange. If the sale is cancelled, the seller will refund any purchase deposit over $100 in full.
The time for completion varies from state to state unless it is set by agreement between the seller and buyer, but in SA the time for completion is usually 30 days.

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